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Artist Statement

The Elephant In The Room
by Peter Hudson


Since their beginning, humans and animals have totally relied on land and sea for their existence. The natural laws and systems of the 'garden of eden' always have, and continue to provide food, shelter, fire, and rain. Land IS life, the most precious gift and the deepest mystery. Einstein said, “look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better”.

Once while out painting in central Australia, I received a thunderbolt, in that moment I felt a hyper awareness of the landscape in front of me, in that moment I knew that what I was looking at and experiencing was in fact, 'perfect', meaning, not a pebble, tree, tiny leaf, creek bed, dead stick, cloud, mountain, small hill, dead animal smell, bird call, gust of wind, was out of place.. I knew deep down I could rely on, and trust this truth. I was taken inside the landscape, and in here you cannot escape 'the elephant in the room'. Our life and time is subjective and fleeting so therefore to trust, respect and love mother earth is surely the answer.

~ Peter Hudson 2014

Photographs by Euan Macleod