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Malu Mabaigal ("Seafaring People")

Ngalmun Lagau Minaral (Moa Arts)

Malu Mabaigal – Seafaring People is the latest exhibition from Moa Arts (Ngalmun Lagau Minaral).

The exhibition, a collection of works on paper and woven objects, showcases the cultural stories and unique way of life of the Mualgal people from Moa Island in the Torres Strait.

The Mualgal people, known by locals as Italgal, are the Traditional Owners of the island and refer to the island as ‘Mua’. The Mulgal people are saltwater people, their way of life is intrinsically linked to the sea. The artists from Moa Island, seafaring people with deep connections to sea, land and sky, draw inspiration from ancestral stories, animal totems and spirit beings.

Malu Mabiagal – Seafaring People highlights the ability of artists from Moa Island to produce innovative contemporary artworks whilst also maintaining traditional art making practices and preserving their cultural heritage.

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