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Belfast Conflict to Peace

Frankie Quinn & Sean McKernan

A Powerful Photographic Exhibition that depicts almost four decades of the turbulent history of Irish society in conflict and the arduous path to peace by Frankie Quinn & Sean McKernan.

Acclaimed Belfast Photographers Frankie Quinn & Sean McKernan have primarily worked as independent documentary photographers over the past 35 years nationally and internationally.

In 1983 they helped established the North of Ireland's principle Social Photography project ‘Belfast Exposed’. Frankie currently directs the Belfast Archive Project, preserving the rich photographic heritage of his native city. His acclaimed 25 year project to document the Peace-walls that still divide the Catholic and Protestant communities of Belfast continues with some new work being exhibited in Brisbane. He holds an MFA in photography from the University of Ulster.

In October 2018 Sean curated The Exposed 35th Anniversary Photography Exhibition and his most international project entitled “Red Noses Palestine” highlighted the challenging work of Clown Doctor's working throughout Palestine in children's hospitals.

Sean & Frankie return to Australia having exhibited there in 1991.

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