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featuring Mornington Island Arts

The circle is a recurring motif and features in most of the Mornington Island artists’ works – fishtraps, love rocks, mussel shells, pretty rocks, sacred and secret places, water holes, corals, etc. and it was appropriate to try a round format to echo some of these ways of depicting the world. The artists have enjoyed the challenges of composing within a non-rectangular field because there aren’t many squares and rectangles on Country!

KUWA is a word in both Lardil and Kaidildt languages with a range of meanings including: round; source; small holes in sand at high tide; hole left by small spirits when they enter the ground and these kuwa works invite the viewer to enter as well.

With paintings about traditional stories, as well as almost topographical representations of natural and built environments and phenomena, these round paintings give rich impressions of the many layers of being connected to Country. ― John Armstrong

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