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Memento Vivere

featuring Christina Lowry

This collection of studio still life photography by Brisbane based artist Christina Lowry, was created in response to Australia’s evolving experience of the Covid-19 pandemic. The works were shot amidst border closures, lock downs, the vaccination roll out, and re-opening of the borders (2020 – 2021). The exhibition draws on the imagery and symbolism of the 17th century Dutch Golden Age, where artists were in part responding to the loss of life from the bubonic plague, which neither the wealth or scientific advancements in their society could protect them from. In just two years 24,000 Amsterdammers lost their lives (10% of the population). While this was more deadly than anything coronavirus has yet caused, the experiences of the 17th century are common to many cities in the 21st: a highly contagious disease whose impact was compounded by social inequality, and government responses including travel restrictions and social distancing.

Further information about each work is available in the catalogue.

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Note: Works #14, #15 & #16 are new works created since the beginning of the exhibition but considered part of this series.