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Cut From The Same Clay

featuring Susie & Maureen Hansen

Cut from the Same Clay

This exhibition brings together twin sisters Susie and Maureen Hansen. The component elements consist of Susie's ‘Kiln Confidential’ and Maureen's ‘Grounded’.

“Community, Culture and Clay” is reflected in the art of ceramicist, Susie Hansen as an exhibiting artist and teacher of drawing, sculpture and ceramics in Queensland and Victoria since 1988.

Susie Hansen’s clay sculptures echo the stylings of American Funk Pottery and the humour and satiric observations of the beat writers of 1960’s–70’s America.

“Working in clay strengthens my resolve to create the unimaginable through the process of sculpting, finishing, glazing and firing. It refines my technique in design to add gravity and expression to the rendering of figures and faces.” – Susie Hansen

“When humanity searches for meaning in our history, we begin by excavating the earth to find shards of pottery or clay brick foundations. The city of Pompeii holds flat coloured murals of urns and amphora. In each millennia the way of life is described by the ceramic objects in daily use.

“Even today styles of the 20th century are distinctly recognisable by the style of ceramic production.

“The Gaelic tradition speaks of kinship with mother earth 'We are Souls in Clay Form – Your body is your clay home; your body is the only home that you have in this universe' (John O’Donahue).

“Grounded is an exhibition celebrating that idea of belonging to the earth and the idea of creating from Home in order to take flight in ideas, create new pictures I have to feel grounded and the images of my environment celebrate the light of my Brisbane Home.” – Maureen Hansen

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