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Sam Bullock

Vibrant colours and confronting imagery form the basis of Sam Bullock’s direct artworks. His cogent view of reality reveals an insight on how autism affects the mind when processing external irrationality.

'Well, I called it Dystopia because I looked at how since this pandemic, society has become a dystopic shit show. Essentially like something out of Clockwork Orange, where you have total insanity; and reason, logic and rationality goes out the window. When you've got both the far left and the far right yelling at each other and both agree on the same things. Even weirdly enough, you've got people in 2003 opposing war and now have become warmongers themselves, becoming the very thing they despise and supporting the very establishment they're supposed to oppose. So, society has become incredibly dystopic in the way that new things are viewed from the left or right, there’s no mediation or common ground. It's essentially just an anarchic shit show which is exactly what dystopia means, and the ideology of a dystopic society which is what the world has come to now, Australia, the rest of the world. And you see things like common sense and rationality being flushed down the clunger (sic).' - Sam Bullock

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