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Inspired Forms

Hermannsburg Potters

Inspired Forms: With our own thoughts we are creating

Etarlanga-etarla Nurnaka Mparrama emerged from a series of workshops the Hermannsburg Potters did with Sydney-based contemporary artist Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran, assisted by emerging artist Remy Faint, when they travelled to our pottery studio in Ntaria last year. This body of work is a spontaneous and playful departure from the Potters’ usual, iconic terracotta pots, reflecting the material and convention bending influence of Ramesh and his encouragement to experiment freely with a medium the potters know so well.

“From each one of us, that’s our own thinking that’s on our pots. He [Ramesh] showed us different ideas – that with the clay you can do anything, it doesn’t have to be perfect. You can use the same clay and do it differently. We were thinking new ideas and new ways of making them on our pots. Each one of us has a different story, with ideas of our own.” – Hermmansburg Potters

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