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Historia Naturalis

Christina Lowry

Ecology is the study of the relationships between living organisms. In her latest collection Christina Lowry takes these relationships, particularly between humans and animals, as her muse. Historia Naturalis explores the effects of human intervention on bird, animal and insect species, articulating the evolving crisis these species are experiencing. Each piece Lowry creates is highly researched and intricately constructed, the product of investigations into art history, ecology and new technologies.

Subverting both artistic and museological displays, Lowry highlights the frivolity with which early collectors treated their bird, animal and insect subjects. Both lusciously decorative and haunting, the works draw attention to the one-sided relationship between the collector and their subject. Reframing our urge to collect and display, and our environmental impact more broadly, Lowry offers a view into the future if we decline to change our practices. Lowry’s works straddle uneasiness, their uncanny beauty reminding us that we possess the skills and technology to change the future.

- Bree Di Mattina

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