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Urbania #2

featuring Chelsea Carkeet, Daniel Clifford, David King, Hollie, Keith Rice, Sam Sharman & Sue O'Malley

Urbania is an ongoing series of shows bringing together small groups of independent artists.

Chelsea Carkeet

Chelsea Carkeet is a proud Wagiman person (they/them) with kinship connections to Gulumerridjin (Larrakia) and Yanyuwa people. Born and living in Meanjin, their work speaks to the notion of truth and deceit of Australia’s post-colonial histories through story-telling based methodologies. Carkeet has been awarded Academic Excellence in 2022 for their achievements and in 2023 was awarded the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dedicated Memorial QLD Inc. Scholarship. Additionally, Carkeet is currently exhibiting as part of “Beneath This Skin” showing at the Queensland State Archives, Undergrowth at the Queensland College of Art and Design.

Daniel Clifford 

Daniel Clifford is a contemporary artist based in Brisbane, whose work explores themes of playful imperfection, materiality and the tragicomedic. Through his creative process, he embraces the chaos and impermanence found in both nature and human existence. Clifford's art is a reflection of his fascination with exploring the unknown and the uncertain, as well as finding beauty and meaning within these elements. He seeks to create a connection between the work and the viewer, inviting them to consider our ever-changing evolving lives and consider the relationship between ourselves and the world we occupy. 

"I love the duality of tragicomedy and how it can generate the polar opposite reactions of devastation and euphoria. After all, laughter and crying are both forms of internal explosions really". - Daniel Clifford 2024

David King

These paintings are simply to do with the interaction between play and resolving it with visual coherence, the extemporaneous being checked with a desire for “order”.

I once read somewhere that all art aspires to the condition of music and I’m often surprised by the effect of some music when painting. Schubert quartets especially come to mind and while the plasticity of painting allows for invention, the discipline of that music presents a real challenge.

A lot of the forms are derived from painting over pictures that were not going well, saving bits here and there and elaborating or repeating them.

- David King 2024



Simple tales of 






Keith Rice

Idle  Eyes

These representations of urban landscape result from, fast commuting that is juxtaposed with quick visual media transitions. The urban landscape is often sharp and burdened with competing influences, constantly demanding attention. The landscape mimics the back-lit media screens to dominate natural light. 

Waste some time, feel the pleasure of unproductive, non-competitive representations of urban landscape, through idle eyes. 

Keith Rice 2024

Sam Sharman

'The life of a semi-nomadic individual making art in isolation, remotely living, and acting out the role of a public-school teacher. One who chooses to position themselves as an outsider in regional towns where life is genuine, cutting edge, haunting and thought to be seen and taken as face value for what it is. What goes unnoticed by most travellers who merely breeze through, is what - could be.' (bio extract)

Sue O'Malley

Sue O’Malley has lived in North Queensland for over 30 years after studying in Brisbane and Sydney. 

Since the 1980s her art practice has alternated between the hands-on making of collage and video production. 

Science Fiction and the aesthetics of technology are recurring themes, as are the contrasts and parallels between Asian and Western cultures.

Both the “LUNA” collages and the videos being screened reveal an enjoyment of pop culture - from B-grade Hollywood movies, Bollywood, Japanese anime and manga, to everyday packaging, labelling, plastic junk, toys and found objects.

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Artist Videos

Sue O'Malley

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Keith Rice