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© Lyndsay Bird

Divine Geometry

featuring Freddy Jones, Lily Sandover, David Ross, Greeny Purvis, Lyndsay Bird, Paddy Club, Lenny Jones, Lily Morton, Daisy Moss, Doris Elkedra & Minnie Apwerl

Friday, 9th September 6pm – 9pm

Exhibition Dates
6th September ~ 1st October 2016

The Sandover river runs through the heart-lands of the Alyawarr, it’s wide sandy bed and deep rooted river gums have long been a trading route and hunting grounds for the Alyawarr; like a snake, this dry river bed, winds it way across the land.

The journey’s of the Ancestors, their deeds and resting places also criss-cross this country, paths that are sacred, marking the land in a divine geometry of ancient stories and myths.

Caterpillar, Possum, Bush Plum, Kangaroo and Emu, Dingo and Echidna each with it’s own story and sign; the mark of all life, sits upon a canvas of red earth, where all journey’s are recorded.

Narayan Kozeluh 2016

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Exhibitions in our contemporary lease space

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© Georgina Hooper


Collaborative Poetry

An exhibition of textiles, fashion & art

featuring Georgina Hooper & Masayo Yasuki

Friday, 23rd September 6pm – 8pm

Exhibition Dates
20th September ~ 1st October 2016

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