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Debra Porch interacting with Caitlin Franzmann's Soniconerator, at Queensland College of Art, critique session, 2012. Work in progress; kraft paper, masking tape, helmet belt, headphone cushions. Photo: Robert Mercer

Debra Porch and Friends

As the title suggests, Debra Porch and Friends brings together a group of artists who were protégés or students of Porch at some stage of their and her careers, at the Queensland College of Art or Western Sydney University.

Works on paper, paintings, objects, sculpture and video have been selected and presented by the following 13 artists: Ali Bezer, Sophie Bottomley, Caitlin Franzmann, Chantal Fraser, Tor Maclean, Carol McGregor, Julie-Anne Milinski, Sonya G Peters, Zoe Porter, Leen Rieth, Kat Sawyer, Elizabeth Shaw and Justene Williams.

The exhibition includes two recent text-based pieces by Debra Porch and some earlier 2D works by her not previously shown.

Opening event
Saturday afternoon, 10 November, 3pm – 6pm

Exhibition dates
6 November – 1 December 2018

Invite (PDF)

Catalogue (PDF) 

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Now showing


Anne Taylor


These paintings and drawings depict watery worlds that blur dualities imposed by human categorisation.

They intertwine mineral, vegetable, and animal in an upwelling of natural interdependence.

~ Anne Taylor

Opening event
Friday evening, 16 November 6pm – 8pm

Exhibition dates
13 November – 24 November 2018

Invite (PDF)

Catalogue (PDF)


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