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© David Jones

Australian Anosognosia


David Jones

“Remember that the Aborigine’s sickness has been forced upon him. Yours you not only tolerate, but [is] structured into the very fibres of your society.” ~ Kevin Gilbert

David Jones pursues through his art practice and research, a critique of institutionalised and everyday racism in Australia. This exhibition interrogates societal denial of the violent nature of Australia’s national foundation – the key symptom of the sickness Kevin Gilbert writes of in his book, Because A White Man’ll Never Do it (1994). Continued dedication to this denial inhibits the progress of Australia’s national identity, whereas reflection on past actions, cast against understood social and cultural norms, can contribute to a new path – taking the steps to make amends.

Friday night, 30 June 6pm – 8pm

Artist Talk
Saturday afternoon, 15 July from 3.30pm

Exhibition Dates
27 June – 22 July 2017

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Exegesis (PDF)

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