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Amanda Jane Gabori

Dulka ("Country")

“I paint because I love it and I love My Country. It’s a very special place with lots of good and not so good memories.
The rocks of My Country are in my paintings and the colours of My Country are there too.
Dibirdibi, the River Rock Cod, is my Dad’s Totem and I paint the scales that cover his body to keep connection with him and to keep the story alive. This is a sacred Totem with lots of importance.”
~ Amanda Jane Gabori

Attending the opening event will be the Art Centre Manager, JM John Armstrong.

Due to ‘sorry business’ there will be a closing event attended by Amanda, her daughter and JM John Armstrong.

Opening event
Saturday afternoon, 8 September 3pm – 6pm

Closing event
Saturday afternoon, 29 September 3pm – 6pm

Exhibition dates
4 September – 29 September 2018

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Catalogue (PDF)

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contemporary lease space

Now showing


Wim de Vos

Eyre Aerial

This exhibition is of a two day journey over lake Eyre and surrounds during 2011.
This journey was one of wonder and inspired me to paint some 30 works in varying sizes, pertaining to
this dynamic and unique landscape with all its diversity and wonder.
It was crucial to be, like a soaring bird, observing and recording all that surrounded me.
The small aeroplane would dive and climb to reveal the many shapes, textures and colours.
The journey has presented me with refined structural elements as well as uninhibited mark making.
Also, for me there is always the sense of sound in works created.
In this case the sounds are encapsulated in the composition of the paintings and layers of paint applied.
~ Wim de Vos

Exhibition to be opened by Doug Murphy QC

Opening event
Saturday afternoon, 8 September 3pm – 6pm

Exhibition Dates
4 September – 15 September 2018

Invite (PDF)

Catalogue (PDF)


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