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© Glenn Morgan

Form Two Orderly Queues

Barry Tate & Glenn Morgan

Tate and Morgan’s work could be described as dynamic, vibrant, humorous, challenging, thought provoking, energetic.. definitely not safe. With wide and varied technique Glenn has been described as an artist who can frighten a laugh out of you with hard hitting social commentary while Barry’s work has a religious element but has been described as more casino than cathedral. An overall description of the pairs work could be no fear and more about trying to take the viewer somewhere rather than making wall candy.

Friday night 3rd July 6pm - 9pm

Exhibition Dates
1st July ~ 25th July 2015

Invite (PDF)


Exhibitions in our contemporary lease spaces

Coming soon


© Shane Rowlands

Royals, Angels & Assassins

Shane Rowlands

Friday night, 17 July 6.00 pm – 9.00 pm

Exhibition Dates
14 July ~ 25 July 2015


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