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the impression of our arteries


Caitlin Franzmann, Sonya G. Peters, Robyn Daw, Ali Bezer, Jay Younger, Julie-Anne Milinski, Debra Porch, Mona Ryder, Sophie Bottomley, Elizabeth Shaw, Kat Sawyer, Chantal Fraser, Leena Riethmuller, Carol McGregor, Victoria (Tor) Maclean

The impression of our arteries is an exhibition that questions how the heart and the mind convey significant and revealing impressions and intentions through objects, images and the senses. It reflects the circulatory patterns between those one loves, and the feelings, senses, intuition, perception, influence and the impressions that are formed from these bonds. ~ Debra Porch

Opening Date
Saturday afternoon 3pm – 6pm, 11th of March 2017
(to be opened by Kim Machan, MAAP)

Exhibition Dates
10th of March – 1st of April 2017

Discussions by the artists
Saturday afternoon 3pm – 5pm, 18th of March 2017

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Exhibition Catalogue (PDF)

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