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© Stephen Nothling

Peintures florales qui ne changeront pas le monde, mais peuvent paraître belles sur un mur de salon

(Floral paintings that won't change the world but might look good on a lounge room wall)

Stephen Nothling

Saturday afternoon, 20th February 3.00 pm - 5.00pm

Exhibition Dates
16th February ~ 19th March 2016

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Now showing


“The Last Street In Highgate Hill.. For Sale!

On display upstairs from 3rd February ~ 27th February 2016


Featuring Stephen Nothling’s works from the recent, wildly popular and successful exhibition, “The Last Street In Highgate Hill” presented by the Museum of Brisbane 

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While preparing for our first show for 2016, the gallery is open and a number of works from previous exhibitions are also on display.