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23 Degrees


Adrian Robertson, Chase Archer, Clare Cowley, Clare Purser, David Fenoglio, David Jones, Domenica Hoare, Euan Macleod, Henri van Noordenburg, Ian Smith, James Watts, Jewel White Stone, Jonathan McBurnie, Jude Roberts, Katina Davidson, Kym Barrett, Leah Thiessen, Nick Drake, Pat Hoffie, Peter Hudson, Roland Nancarrow, Ron McBurnie, Ross Booker, Sally Molloy, Sam Fermo, Saskia Gilmour, Shayna Wells, Stephen Nothling, Vanghoua Anthony Vue, Visaya Bosé, Warren Palmer & Wayne Talbot

Friday, 29th July 6.00pm – 8.00pm

Exhibition Dates
26th July ~ 27th August 2016

In some ways this exhibition could be described as a selective landscape about recent landscape painting. It’s a show that takes in points of view from very young emerging artists to artists with long ‘track records’, and brings them together as a kind of topography that reflects the extent to which landscape still matters. There are images of home, of suburban streets, of dreamscapes, of ‘rugged mountain ranges’, rural scenes from a car window and scenes from lands far away. There are paintings and drawings and photographs. Styles and approaches abound. Some are direct and matter-of-fact; others are elusive and metaphorical. But one thing holds these works together - each of them, in some way, offers a reflection on our relationship to place and belonging. - Pat Hoffie

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