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 WAG are now open for 2020!

Been a slight delay but hope to have our main calendar organised soon.

In the meantime, the remaining works from the two main shows from end of last year can still be enjoyed, plus the wonderful works from our stockroom.

Our sincere thanks and best wishes also go out to the brave people helping others deal with the disastrous Australian bushfires. Please help if you can.

Main Gallery



Power Flower

Flower Power is a slogan emblematic of the counter culture of the 1960’s. Conversely, flower painting is hardly a radical activity and for me to continue to include floral imagery without falling into the ease of repetition I try to create new ways to present my work.

The use of collaged elements has always interested me, mostly on the periphery of paintings but for this exhibition I have chosen to work on 12mm thick plywood that allows me to attach metal and ephemera over the whole surface area. It is like solving a puzzle only knowing vaguely what the end result might be.

In early 2019 I visited Tasmania and the USA for the first time. This current work has been greatly influenced by those adventures. Before leaving I had produced some still lifes of my power tools with roses, thus Power Flower. In the US amongst so much great art I came across Andy Warhol’s “Drill”, 1961 that I had never known of before. I felt some synchronicity. ~ Stephen Nothling

Online Exhibition


Bar Gallery

Xmas Show 2019-main.jpg

Xmas Show 2019 

Featuring a diverse mix of over 20 artists.

Great artworks.

A fantastic celebration. 


Ali Bezer
Casselle Mountford
Clare Purser
Crisia Constantine
David Jones
David Nixon
Domenica Hoare
Hugh Edwards
Ian Smith
James Watts
Jason Binnie
John Hockings
Julie-Anne Milinski
Kazumi Daido
Kenneth Beck
Leigh Camilleri
Maureen Hanson
Nick Ashby
Nick Drake
Ray Coffey
Rose Moxham
Stephen Nothling

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Online Exhibition


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Visit the gallery to view available works from our collection and previous exhibitions.


Did you know applicable* Australian small businesses can claim a 100% tax deduction on purchased artworks, up to a $30,000 limit on each piece?

Please support local artists, remote communities and the creative industries simply by improving your workplace.

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* It is advised to speak to a tax professional about your particular circumstances

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