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BEWARE of snakes

Robert Moore

Robert Moore has spent the past 20-odd years living in the bush just outside of Grafton, NSW. He works either from his outdoor studio or in various plein air locations around the Clarence Valley.

His painting style is dependent on mood and environment.

From hungry, robust applications to seize the light and landscape, to nuanced geometric layers revealing texture and shade, Moore’s handles paint in the spirit of the occasion.

In Beware of snakes, you get both ends of this spectrum.

Tiny jewels of birdlife perched alongside vast stretches of bold, temperate terrain; the two seemingly at odds but crucial teammates in the natural way of things.

Here Moore explores his surroundings, maxed out in both directions to drink in its complexities and the glut of colour and shapes on offer. This ex-Mambo artisan knows his environment well.

This assembly of paintings is his most recent work within the Clarence landscape.

You might not see snakes, but you know they are there.

Lesley Apps
August 2021

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